Monday, September 27, 2010

more more relief

tiba2 dapat surat dari zatil..ingatkan surat apa..tapi..
rupa2nya zatil membaca blog aku pasal tensen tuh..haha..aku tak tahu pulak dia menatap blog aku sebab dia macam tak tahu saja..anyway, surat tu adalah respon dari blog aku tue..ha, so sweet!!
walaupun hanya secebis kertas biru yang ringkas sekali, aku suka bahagian 'kita kan haousemate, teman sehati sejiwa, semua kita buat sama2 kan..dalam studi pon, kita buat sama2 bagi 1rumah nie dapat mumtaz'..yeah*smile*

thanks god for giving me this chance to have such a good friend like them..that always care, and give full attention..that always push me up when there is cheer me up, when there is sadness..i feel cool!!

really, we just know each other when we arrived egypt, but we totally like a long lost friend!!
eventhough we bring very different characters each, we try to understand each other and to know more..

i may be looking for some place that gives me strength..but i forgot, i have many shoulders i can lean which give extra strength and power..friends are better relief site after all!!

p/s:banjir di air panas..jom tolong

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