Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hello 2nd bro!

Sollu 3alan nabiyunalkiram. Allahumma sli 3ala muhammad.

Assalamualaikum *sambilangkattangan*

Ini memang post basi ya. Bukannya setakat bau, berkulat dah. Hahaha..
Dan hari ini saya akan kenalkan sekalian kepada abang (ipar ye. Abang ipar) saya yang kedua. *clap clap clap*. Dan terakhir la maksudnya. Mana ada kakak dah. Sobsob.

21 December 2013 created another history in our family and gave me another story. Well, i was happy (am still happy) that my sister got married. At last! However, the thing that saddened me is, i was not there on the special day. Hwaaaaaa. Ok, let's forget about the past *wipenotears* and here it go...

Umm, not going anywhere. I lost their wedding picture. Anyway, please pray for their happiness. Mine too. Yours too. I mean all -_-

Oh yeah, before i forget, i planned to Jordan but perhaps this is not the right time. Sobsob. So i pray harder if there is any chance for haramain (rezeki di tangan Allah. Mana tahu kan..) but still waiting for the best time :'(

It's okay since i will have my winter break in matrouh siwa for second time. Looking forward for the small family gathering. Yeah yeah. This time, i'm sure it will be different from before because we have to cook by ourselve. Uhuk

Wait, this should be a story of my sis and bro. Why why with all these??

P/s: always make a plan. Good plan.