Saturday, May 6, 2017

Success. Redefine. Very fine :')


Allahumma solli ala muhammad.

Assalamualaikum and hye gorgeous, handsome, beauty🙆

Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan is my favourite noww (almost hari hari tengok video beliau tanpa jemu haha) because he can explain Al-Quran in simple way and through him (and few other scholars) mashaallah I can really feel the beauty of this sacred book of muslim. May Allah bless him and other scholars and give them a long life to teach☺. So recently, I watched a video on definition of success (now stop and define your success). Done?

It's a norm that people look at the million dollar in saving, gigantic house, enormous company, various titles or even seven-zero followers as a benchmark for success. It is all over the world. Most of us. Me.

But that is so narrow and shallow minded (I mean me but you can 'terasa' if you want hikhik) of a muslim to put such meaning on success. A muslim should be different. Indeed, Islam is very different. So, a muslim at heart should be different in thinking and giving perspective. Successful in Islam is not about how much you have or what you have achieved so far. Successful in Islam is all about you and god. The relationship between you and Allah.

We may see someone is lower than us in term of wealth or health, but beyond what eyes can see, he/she is more successful than us at another angle which is his/her commitment towards Allah. On the thing that matter most, he/she is superior than us, a better muslim and better in his/her taqwa.

But if we fail in dunya and fail also in akhirah matter. Double failure. Naudzubillahi min zalik😢😢

So, every time we want to compare ourselves with others, let it be our akhirah. Not a mere temporary dunya. Of course, we can have all the things we want and dream this and that. It is not against the rule of Islam. In fact, we can have the whole world (or universe if you like😍) but all those anything or everything should make us closer to our creator. That is how Islam teach us about being successful. Even in the Rasulullah era, there were so many sahabahs that can be considered millionaire in todays life. However their faith were not swayed by all the glories. They kept their standard of living only to seek Allah's blessing. Right?

So, in conclusion (my opinion), at the end, successful is not in this dunya. It is something closely related to akhirah. Let's be the people of akhirah, where Allah is the only reason and purpose.