Monday, February 22, 2016

Of Five Genih And Arabic Language

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Allahumma solli ala saiyidina Muhammad.

IIIslamic classes had started as winter break finished. And when I mentioned Islamic classes it also means Arabic language! Some people say ‘aghhh’ now... So, a famous question from our dukturah.. ‘why can’t you speak Arabic?’. The question that worth 5 genih (can say I was lucky since sorta short of money this month. haha. Alhamdulillah). why so fellow friends and juniors?

Few words of advices:
We (the seniors) have been staying in Egypt for 6 years and you, juniors, will have another you-count-yourself years to finish. However, our ability to speak Arabic very little or perhaps I can say we cannot speak Arabic despite all our rages, rampages, resent towards some annoying taxi drivers, sugar mouthed sellers and gentlenotmen bus passangers.

Why so?
·         We are not Egyptian
·         It is not our language
·         It’s difficult language
·         We are medical student.
Think they are the answers? Big no guys. Seriously NO! If you really think they are the answer, let me tell you, you are not reasoning. But you are rather giving an excuse. And what is the difference between both? When you are giving excuse, that’s mean you are escaping. Yes! You try to escape from a situation that definitely put you well to be blamed. You try to escape from the your own weakness and making accusations on others when the problem actually and clearly is you. US!

When we are in desire of something, with all the effort, power, matter, and whatever we have we will try all out to make it happen. We will use all the abilities and draw anything from surrounding that can help us in achieving our need and make things seem impossible become real! The same ideas go to this case (speaking Arabic). Not because it is difficult (although it is. haha). Not because it is not our language (then, why bother to ask dukturah to learn English???). The only reason is because we are lazy! We are reluctant. We don’t want to. We never want to learn this language at the first place! That is the only reason.

Therefore, I humbly would like to give humble advices to myself and our beloved juniors especially those in 1st, 2nd and 3rd year, for the sake and smoothness of your coming clinical year, go and take Arabic class. Summer break is coming right? So, why not use that time to learn this indeed beautiful language? If you expect to be in  Malaysia, maybe you can have someone to tutor you and familiarize yourself with ammiah pronounciation.

Why not 4th, 5th, or 6th year?
I bet you are not going to have time for extra class especially if you already involved in ‘persatuan’, busy with tuition and ‘anak’? And since you will meet patient those years, don’t you think early preparation is better?

What else can you do?
·         Mingle more with local people. Some are really nice and good. Don’t worry much. Some speak Malay with you :’D
·         Never ask ‘can you speak English?’.Try to understand them and try to speak in Arabic as possible. Unless if you realize the conversation will bring both of you ‘dalal’, then use language that both of you can understand.
·         Find new word every day and use it. I did this few time but most of the time I forgot :’( Sometime you may not use it, but you will understand when people say it. Useful kan?
·         Ask anything. If you go shop and you don’t know anything’s name, ask anyone there. Or you can search the name before going. Takdela sampai habis tahun asyik dih dah dih dah je.
·         Read, listen and speak Arabic. These are basics in learning any language. Practice and have fun with your member!
·         Start now! I don’t want you to regret this time like me :’’’O I’m still hardly studying and practicing Arabic so please pray huh?!

There may be some obstacles like financial (I quit my class because of this) and time (that’s why I prefer long holiday). But there are also lot of ‘markaz’ that offer Arabic class at affordable price and you can adjust according to your schedule. Kena pandai cari okay?
Even to my batchmates, it is never too late. As long as we are alive, we are all in learning process. We ought to learn it if not for the patient, to understand al-Quran better J
So that is all for now. Maybe you have more and better tips to share. If you do, can leave your comment or link it. Hope this is helpful to my ‘adik-adik’ eventhough I may not know you.

Senior nyesal dan masih tatih :’

P/s: Generalizing this. Siapa terasa, terasalah siapa tak, bagus.
P/ss: First and second to myself who write and read this first J

Bittaufiq wannjah!!!