Sunday, January 11, 2015

From a woman to women. With love :)

Allahumma solli 'ala Muhammad..


To all women i love with my heart. This is for you...
In case you don't know how precious you are, think now what is the most important, valuable, precious things to you and you can't let go of the things and you feel like you will die losing those things..o women, you are more precious than them. Your dignity is far more precious than all the things you hold tight in heart. O women, keep the dignity that once was lower than your feet higher up to paradise.
You are the colour of this dunya, you are the pillar of the deen, you are the bestowment of the jannah. Don't stain the colour you made more beautiful than rainbow when you were born. Don't break the pillar you shape strong as you grow (in which you should) and don't taint the gift Allah specially present to you.
O women, preserve your heart. Conceal what is inside. Show it when it is right. Don't make yourself the symbol of lust in the eye of evil or fitnah will prevail. Remember how the prophet endear you when others demean your honor. So, don't be so selfish just take the temporary pleasure of dunya.
Don't lose the faith. 
Put Allah first before anything else.

~The most precious jewellery of a woman is her shyness
Fathimah radiallahuanha

With love...
Imah Rosse

nota kaki: Semoga Allah sentiasa ada dalam cetus fikir, gerak hati, atur langkah dan gerak amal kita. Tiap detik. Ameen.