Sunday, September 5, 2010

if i was a doctor...

Hello to the all,
today's evening, i went to Baling, looking for my sist's(kaklong) baju raya..really, it was kinda tiring but yet, we managed!(if not, my sist would be killed) *evil*
I'm not going to talk her kurung but something that had happened recently while we were looking for the cloth..
Me and my mom were discussing and surveying for the better one and suddenly, all my sisters(k.long, k.nyah, ijah, ainin, anis) called my mom.. from their face, i could read that something bad happened. i laid down the cloth and walked slowly over them.
Gosh, what a pity to see an old woman grovelled on the ground and it was crowded at that time..
My sisters were talking among them 'oh, poor lady'..other said 'you, go help her'..other said 'i can feel the illness'..other said 'i can't see it, it's so poor'
And I, just stood and said nothing because there was nothing i could say..long I stood there watching the the time being, i wished that i am a doctor and if i was a doctor, i would run faster and save her unfortunately i was not..i stood there even longer and thought, if i had finished my studies, that lady, wouldn't have to sit there and seeing her blood got dry while she herself was sick..
Also, at the time being, i was very upset and a little bit frustrated and disappointed..
But, the most interesting was, i became more excited to excel my future and to help others..

p/s: sorry to anybody that i did wrong today!

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