Tuesday, August 24, 2010

yesterday was a long day..

Ya...wth with yesterday??i got all things wrong..tension ok?!
Where did i false??please2..
ok..all that had happened already, nothing can be grimmed for..redha saja yeah??
it start here..
Me with sha..took a komuter from mid valley to tanjung malim but actually we supposed took a train straight to ipoh..ngeng..it was first time ok..add, the day before we lost at mid valley..
ha..macam gila tak tahu nak tanya siapa..imagine that..
dengn beg besr bukan sbijik dua..pusing2 mid valley..haha..sha was the best actress ever,,
pretend that she really needed to use the toilet..'how much you visited the toilet sha?'kaka..
i thought that, foreigner is better..ha,,
then, took a cab to um, 2 nights in mai's room..thanks to her yang sudah meminjamkan maggie dan biskut sama aku..
here comes tanjung malim..
because it was first time, me and sha really didnt know what to do..so, i asked a young lady how to go to ipoh, then he asked her husband..
this couple are really nice ok..that guy(the husband) asked the worker there when the next nearest train coming..wow, at 2p.m but at that time it was 11a.m, so that nice guy offered to drop us at bus station..we agreed..
i bought two ticket, for me and sha..it was really clumsy that i have no idea what word can explain it..
about 2p.m we arrived in ipoh(medan gopeng) for sha done, but i got to take another bus to gerik..
so, i check my purse to ready the money,,teraba sana sini, and oh my god..there was nowhere..
i told sha and we tried to chase the bus(sri maju) unfortunately it had gone..
at the same time, sha's father was there already..dengan baik hati, sha mengjak bapaknya mengejar bas tu..at fisrt, we mistaken the driver, and he told us to go to the sri maju office..
at the office, we make a report and checked the bus, still the purse is nowhere and i was really frustrated..
pinjam duit ayah sha untuk tiket gerik..(sha, i pay you back in genih ok rite??haha)
i called mom and told about this accident..if i tell her when i home, my ear will got ache..ngahha..
with the ramadan baraka, my mom stay calm...hehe..
today morning,
i went to police station, JPN, CIMB bank to settle up my things and problem..
hopefully, it will be finish before i fly..ngee..

p/s: should be an entry about ILIM, next time maybe..

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