Monday, September 2, 2013

Bestfriend :)


Dear bestfriend,
It have been 14 years (more or less) since we were apart. Wow, we have not seen each other for that long! i wonder what are you doing now. Are you alright? I hope you are always in best state of health, happy and bless of course. Bestfriend, do you still remember all those days we were together? I think, i remember almost everything that happened between us. how can i forget you? The new comer when we was in 2nd year of primary school. But then, who greet who? if it was you, i'm sorry i forgot. If it was me, then never mind that.

Bestfriend, do you still remember every evening, at the back then, you would come to my house. we ate that bear-shaped biscuit together with my sister behind my house? No, to be exact, beside. Maybe corner? haa. Oh yeah, i would make drink for us. But, was it milo or tea? I don't remember that, but we really enjoyed that evening together. You had lunch at my house once. I remember how you refused afraid if your mom know. But, my mom and me of course, forced you and convinced you that she will be okay. Before that, you came into my room and saw a beautiful scenery picture I stuck on the wall. With my quite an ability (i call it talent anyway), i said if it was my drawing. You nearly believe, but why asked my mom? Huh, lucky you. but hey, 'I know she can't draw well' was too honest. yeah, i don't have that artist hand but you see, i can draw better now since i had compulsary art class for 2 years. fine, it was histology class. Don't worry, i didn't take your word seriously. I cheated, right?

Bestfriend, I also remember vividly the sport day held in our school. I wondered why you just sat there near the small bridge. Then i came to you and invited to join the race. But your answer surprised me.
'I can't. i had a heart disease. You can go'
With your expression, i could tell that you actually wanted to run together with me. with other friends of us. But, the only you could do was cheering and supporting. I win as 1st runner and you shall be happy to know that you are the first to know after the judges. hehe. Hmm, there is something i'm sure about my feeling. After you came to my school or should i say since you came into my life, that was the first time i felt that i had a very sincere, honest, innocent friend and that make me think, you have complete set what a person needed to be a good friend. I'm not saying that my friends now are not good. No. In fact, they are too good which i can't even compare. Another fact, i'm the one lacking something. The thing i want to say here is, you are different.

Bestfriend, everything happened too fast. Very fast where i could not even say goodbye. I could not think well. Did not ask your phone number (that time, we did not have cellphone, so not my fault), your address. Where do you live now? are you still in Australia? Have you come back to Malaysia? Without knowing your whereabouts, i can only pray so that, you with your family always fine, safe and sound. Oh yeah, your brother, is he still bullying you? If he does, note me, i'll come over and teach him well :) If it is fated we cannot see each other in this small and temporary world, let's pray we will be together in jannah.

Bestfriend, I'm pretty sure you wont read this, unless coincidentally. I search you many time in the facebook, twitter and i-forgot-the-application-name though i know from the start it will upset me. However, isn't it better than doing nothing? It is hard really because i don't remember your face very well but the memories that hold us together i will remember all my life inshaallah. that's why i'm writing here. Well, i'm getting older and who knows about our future life. maybe i'll have dementia or Alzheimer or what so ever that you-can't-remember-thing disease (naudzubillah), that time, i can read this again (will i remember the password?) haha..

Bestfriend, have a blessed and blissful life okay? Wherever and whenever you are, always remember the one up there. Sorry for calling you bestfriend when you don't even approve me that level of friend. Ngee..

Your friend,
Imah :) 

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  1. menitis air mata ni baca.. Allahu. i could remember vividly all those moments. The scenery drawing and we cheated her. The teddy-bear biscuit she bought while coming to our house, naik basikal kan? hee. ouch. i miss that. really. Allah.. u make me crying alone here.. I miss it. really.. rindu yang x terungkap.. will we meet again ?? :'(