Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
selawat dan salam buat junjungan besar S.A.W

Ok. ok ok and ok. tired of ok? i'm exhausted. why everytime i want to start a talk, i don't know where in the world i can find the word but once i started, it seems that i have no intention to stop. fine that. ok (ok again), i played hard with my mind about what should i write here. either about my two hard days or about today's psycho lecture. yeah, just remember my prof words today make me smile all day long. haha. so, what did i get from him? just now, we were served by 'intelligence'. prof then asked us, how much your IQ? and since when i ever do the test. spontaneously without thinking i replied maybe 90. He laughed. 'If that so, you wont be here'.
Everyone looks shocked. And i never expect that my IQ is about 140. just 20 more to be at the same level with Albert Einstein. oh my...
but that was not the exact thing that make me smile all my way home. the next topic was type of intelligence and one of them is interpersonal which include politician. and guess what..
so unpredictable...my prof said "but i don't think politician is intelligent. i see some of them are mental retarded"..the whole class laughed to death like the earth wont go down. so did I. stop!

So people, whenever you can't do things right, believe and trust that you can do the best in other things. you just need to discover which field belong to you and where do you belong to. surely, finding the right thing in our life is not easy yet full of difficulties, but to just sit still and do nothing is definitely wrong. imagine that strive is heaven and the experiences you face are the gardens. make your life meaningful and define it by yourself. Life is dull without difficulties. know what, intelligence also the ability to solve the problems and how you react with surrounding. make the world realize your existence.

Firman Allah:

Dan seandainya pohon-pohon di bumi menjadi pena dan lautan (menjadi tinta), dan ditambahkan kepadanya tujuh lautan (lagi) setelah (kering)nya, nescaya tidak akan habis-habisnya (dituliskan) kalimat-kalimat Allah. sesungguhnya Allah Maha Perkasa Maha Bijaksana.
surah Luqman 31:27

nota kaki:Alhamdulillah, Allah pulangkan nikmat tidur yang lena.
nota kaki lagi:Berzikir dan berfikir untuk menjadi bijak.
nota kaki lagi lagi:140 adalah anggaran, jangan terpedaya!

p/s:mari menjadi orang yang bijak. orang bijak ingat mati!

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