Saturday, August 13, 2016

Me and my twins.

So last year my mom gave birth to twins boy. And this year, a little earlier than expected, my whole family is coming to Egypt. Yayyyyy (please add some more Y). No, I'm not geaduating yet. As I told you, they just came earlier than what was scheduled which is to mean they will not be there on my convocation day. Huhu.

Did anyone asked how old I am? Well actually a bit old to have 1 year old baby twins. Plus I already have 2 niece and 2 coming-soon-nephew. Kannn? If Allah said 'kun', then who are we to deny? Anyway we are so happy la that we got twin😍

Ok, let's just get back to the story again.
Well, you know that Egypt has so many valuable mosque all around. And mosques touring is a must in Egypt. So, the first day they arrived, I took them there and explained about those historical mosque. And now...time for a pictureeee....

Oh yeah, before I forgot, I need to mention to you that I'm bad at memorizing name eventhough I ask countless of times😢. The case is, I need to have some connection with that particular person in order to remember their name better. Sorry I just need to mention this because it is part of the story😁

Then we arranged ourselve but not formally. Just a fancy photo of us and we can't wish for formal decent family potrait with growing up twins.boys😒😒. It just fact. 

So the big brother was setting up the camera whilst the sister was gathering around him when I found our little cheeky babies still playing around the mosque. Here we go.. 

I played a role as a big sister and took a hand of one of them leaving the other one because I'm sure once the 2mins25secs brother is controlled the other half will automatically be controlled too. Haha. And yes, they were. Easy as peanut butter right?!

But suddenly the 2mins25secs brother blocked one my sister's face. Here is where all my secret got revealed. I wanted to ask 2.25 (refer above) to move a little but I forgot his name😭😭😭 and I was like, to my sister 'hey sape name dia?' and all the families turn to me and 'serius la weii dia dah setahun kottt...'

'Adam. His name is Adam. Senang gila kot nak ingat'. I was sad and feel bad too but still act cool 'Yes Adam, can you move slightly to your left. Everyone want to be in the picture'. And he followed this ungrateful sister of her. Maybe because he still doesn't understand a thing. And thereee...his inside-womb-partner was playingggg!!! And again I would like to call him but I!

Nuh?Alias?Muhammad? No I can't. I screamed to me in my heart 'What the h**l with ya Fathima. Kau canang ukhwah Islamiah, baca buku HAB, khatam Fiqh Dakwah but you don't remember name???' I was about to cry when suddenly...

Tadaaa my baby twins yang I pinjam kejap. Kikiki

'Wei, Subuh,'

Woke up swearing to myself and be like 'mom, I'm the one supposed to have twins'

I want twins, but here I am proudly being single and free.

Thank you for reading this nonsense article. Haha. 
Wish you healthy babies all preggies out there specially my Kak Nyah and Debob😉

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